Episode 68

An Internet, or Internet of Things product is complex. In fact, it’s not a product at all but a nested system of systems. The sheer number of technology and business issues to consider at the start can overwhelm even the best trained and most experienced manager.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) where I speak with Daniel Elizalde about his IoT Decision Framework and how to use it to tame even the most complex of Internet products ...

Episode 63

We all know, whether from experience or just intuitively, that bolting security on an IoT product after much of the development has been completed is a total rookie mistake, and a recipe for disaster. Yet this still happens. By crowdfunded startups who don’t mention security in their videos, to internal teams in larger enterprises who also emphasise the bling in order to get their project greenlit from within.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) where I speak with Chris Romeo about the Security Development Lifecycle, the polar opposite to the bolt-on, that’s been successfully used in IT security for years ...

Episode 56

Black hat, white hat… gray hat? What does it all mean? In this context, the different colored hats refer to the different approaches to testing the cyber security of your IT, or in our case, IoT infrastructure.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) where I speak with Paul Jauregui about pen testing and other things you need to know about when working with an external security assessment firm ...

Episode 53

With pundit projections in the billions of devices and trillions of dollars, these are heady times for IoT. But there are challenges – big challenges in our way. This keynote presents how we get from where we are today to an outcome-based economy, realizing the business promise of IoT.
Listen (or read the transcript) to Bruce Sinclair’s opening keynote address at Internet of Things World 2016 on IoT business and technology and the outcome-based economy ...

Episode 49

In this episode Bruce recounts recent meetings with clients and discussions with IoT design houses to discuss the current state of the art in data analytics in IoT deployments.
Listen to this analysis episode (or read the transcript) with Bruce Sinclair for the reasons why data analytics isn’t usually considered by clients and why that’s OK ...