Predictive Analytics and the Industrial Internet of Manufacturing Things

Predictive Analytics and the Industrial Internet of Manufacturing Things

Thursday, April 7, 2016

In our eighteenth Meetup we have William Sobel, Chief Strategy Officer at System Insights and Chief Architect/Chair TSC at MTConnect Institute presenting “Predictive Analytics and the Industrial Internet of Manufacturing Things”. Come meet other business leaders in the IoT ecosystem and discuss the business issues you face in the Internet of Things.

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6:00: Doors open. Eat, drink and meet fellow members
6:30: Opening remarks and room introductions
6:45: Presentation 
7:15: Questions and answers
7:30: Networking
8:00: Doors close

Presentation Abstract

The Industrial Internet of Things has been hyped to take manufacturing into a new era; the German Industrie 4.0 initiative, NNMI in the US and 2025 goals in China are all aligned on the target of agile and smart manufacturing. Our current manufacturing systems have not changed much in the last 20 years and we are still using paper and pencil in many of our processes. There are many advanced technologies we can bring to bear today to help us along that path, but we still need to build the foundations to enable these advancements. Manufacturing requires special consideration for an IIOT system; an approach that does not take into consideration the context of the manufacturing process will not be able to transform the data from the equipment and sensors into actionable information. The solution is to build a standards based interoperable platform that allows services to fuse semantic data from multiple sources to provide the foundation for accelerated innovation in smart manufacturing. Will Sobel will discuss how this is a model for the new product and services to come and how this will enable outcome and intent based self-aware manufacturing systems.

William’s Bio

Mr. William Sobel is Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of System Insights and the principle architect and chair of the MTConnect Institute Technical Steering Committee. He also has been the primary contributor to the open source implementations of the MTConnect standard.

Mr. Sobel brings over 25 years of experience architecting, managing, and developing complex applications for numerous industries. Prior to working for System Insights, Mr. Sobel was a visiting lecturer at UC Berkeley working at the RadLAB teaching agile web development and worked on various cloud scalability research projects resulting in the Olio web analysis toolkit. During his employment at the university, Mr. Sobel authored the MTConnect standard as a consultant to AMT (Association for Manufacturing Technology) to address the lack of standardized inter-device communication in manufacturing. Prior to his work at UC Berkeley, Mr. Sobel was VP/Chief Architect at MSCI-Barra, specializing in financial risk management software for some of the largest asset management companies in the world. Mr. Sobel led a team to architect and build the industry’s first hosted risk management software as a service (SaaS) platform.