Let’s Build Indie IoT Systems for our Homes Instead

Let’s Build Indie IoT Systems for our Homes Instead

Thursday, October 20, 2016

In our twenty-second meetup we have Johannes Ernst, CEO, Indie Computing Corp, discussing, “Let’s Build Indie IoT Systems for our Homes”. Come meet other business leaders in the IoT ecosystem and discuss the business issues you face in the Internet of Things.


5:30: Networking around stage area

6:30: Presentation

It’s free, but to get in you must register for a free pass at:

This should be fun and a good way to take a look at the exhibits at the same time.  Hope to see you there!

Post Meeting Take-Away

Presentation Abstract

According to conventional wisdom, installing an IoT system inevitably means to invite the vendor and their around-the-clock surveillance into our homes. Systems are hermetically sealed, impossible to customize, repair, or extend, and ship lots of personal data back to the vendor’s cloud for purposes that, usually, are murky at best. But does it have to be that way? Johannes argues that “Indie IoT” systems, independent of the vendor’s cloud, extensible, repairable and forkable by the user or their favorite “handyman”, like anything else in the home, would be a much better deal for the customer. Nor are they technically impossible either; plenty of examples in the maker community prove that. Now we just need to bring them to market, so users have a better choice than submitting to the technology overlords. Let’s do it!

Johannes’ Bio

Johannes Ernst is an entrepreneur and technologist, based in Silicon Valley. His current startup, Indie Computing, develops UBOS Linux and related services, which make personal servers and intelligent gateway-class devices much easier to maintain. Previously, he built a wide variety of systems from embedded software to a NoSQL graph database, from digital identity to mobile healthcare. He has always advocated for technology that puts the user in control, and believes that nowhere is that as important as for the IoT. He has a master’s and doctorate in EE, and was distinguished as a “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum.