Analyzing athlete data has been performed in high-level sports for years but it’s only recently that wearables and IoT could be realistically used to deliver useful information to athletes and coaches alike.
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Episode 67

They say data is the new oil. Well if that’s the case, then like oil, crude data must be refined and packaged to make it useful and consumable. If you believe, like I believe, that all incremental value from an Internet product comes from transforming its data into useful information, then external sources of data, when combined with internal data, can become very valuable, indeed.
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One of the value power sources for an IoT application is external data, that when piped in, can be used to augment its functionality. Of all sources of external data, weather is probably the most ubiquitous and useful. Like many data services, the API is built on a tiered billing system. Come in for free as a developer or hobbyist but once you get over 500 hits per day you start paying.
Watch this video (or read the transcript) to hear Brendan Hayes describe the Weather Company’s API and business model to access it...