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IoT Inc

How Your Company Can Use the Internet of Things to Win in the Outcome Economy


The Internet of Things (IoT) — the integration of physical devices such as wearables, consumer appliances, commercial equipment, industrial machines and even cities, into the internet—is not only changing the way people live and work, but how business is conducted.

The continual demand for better products and product experiences has led leading businesses to IoT, starting the shift from a product- and service-based economy to an outcome-based economy. My new book IoT Inc. addresses this business revolution and provides expert advice on developing a winning strategy to effectively monetize IoT in virtually any industry. IoT Inc. cuts through the hype and clearly explains the technology and business applications of IoT – empowering you to design smart products and architect smart operations.

The Internet of Things and the Outcome Economy

The Internet of Things is happening with or without you. Not because it’s a cool technology… in fact, customers don’t care about the tech at all. IoT is happening because of what it enables. The Internet of Things’ killer application is outcomes. It is outcomes that customers ultimately want and it is outcomes that are shaping the new Outcome economy. My book IoT Inc. addresses this major business shift that will affect every company making physical products.

Table of Contents

Section One: The Business End of IoT
Chapter 1: IoT Tech Defined from a Value Perspective
Chapter 2: Creating Value with IoT
Chapter 3: Monetizing IoT Value
Chapter 4: The Changing Customer Relationship
Section Two: Analyzing Your Business Through The IoT Lens
Chapter 5: Your Industry and The Changes Coming
Chapter 6: IoT Competition & Competitive Advantages
Chapter 7: The Outcome Economy
Chapter 8: Your IoT Company – Department by Department
Chapter 9: Defining Your IoT Product’s Requirements
Chapter 10: Getting Started
Section Three – A Tech Deep Dive into IoT
Chapter 11: The Software-Defined Product (Digital Twin & App)
Chapter 12: The Hardware-Defined Product (Sensors & Embedded)
Chapter 13: The Network Fabric (IT, OT, IoT Cloud, IoT Platform)
Chapter 14: External Systems Including Other IoT Products
Chapter 15: IoT Analytics and Big Data
Chapter 16: IoT Cyber Security and Risk Management

Book Endorsements

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“Bruce is a great storyteller and is incredibly knowledgeable on the topic of IoT. This makes for a book that is an easy read, with lots of valuable information, it has something for everybody. Whether you are looking to just learn more about this fascinating topic, or if you are thinking of creating an IoT business, this book has it all – from developing and IoT strategy with great examples from many different industries – to building a business plan – to understanding your customers’ desire for outcomes.”

“Bruce explains how IoT is changing all industries, business fundamentals and the relationship with your customers- it’s about transforming data into useful, usable and valuable information. Definitely a ‘very good read’.”

 Tanja Rueckert – EVP LoB Digital Assets and IoT, SAP

“The world is awash in new books extolling the virtue of the Internet of Things (IoT) and touting useless numbers of connected devices — useless because it’s irrelevant exactly how many devices are connected, but useful because just about anything can be connected. IoT Inc. starts by explaining what can be connected to the Internet — from clothes dryers to tires, from operating room monitoring systems to construction systems — but then focuses on how these connections give birth to new (outcome-oriented) business models for products and services. Disruptions will abound in industries from agriculture to home automation, from industrial production to healthcare, and IoT Inc. includes not just a way to recognize those disruptions, but to profit from them. Rather than focus on the technology, Sinclair focuses on the business opportunity, an opportunity that is ignored at your peril.”

 Richard Mark Soley – Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, Object Management Group, and Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium

“Bruce Sinclair will help you sell outcomes and give you a competitive advantage for achieving sustainable success. In IoT Inc., Bruce provides powerful insights on how and when to deploy IoT. Born from his real-world experience guiding small and large businesses on their IoT journey, Bruce provides practical, differentiating tools for anyone who is involved in selling physical products to consumers. If you are looking to develop an IoT strategy and bring that strategy to life in a way that sets you apart from your competition – IoT Inc. is a MUST read!”

 Joseph Michelli – New York Times #1 bestselling author of books like Driven to Delight, Leading the Starbucks Way, and The New Gold Standard

“Internet of things is quickly turning into creating internet of value in so many market segments and application areas. I enjoyed the simple no-nonsense approach taken by Bruce Sinclair in explaining IoT and its applicability throughout the book. Clear focus on creating compelling value for users and customers in every market area without getting distracted by all the hype and technical mumbo-jumbo needs to drive the evolution of IoT. This message reverberating in this book is exactly the right thing we need to shape the IoT driven economy.”

 Krishna Mikkilineni – Senior Vice President, Engineering Operations & Information Technology, Honeywell

“During the past ten years I have worked with several IT and OT companies about the value proposition of the Industrial Internet of Things. Clearly the value is for companies to make the transition from selling products to selling services to selling integrated solutions and finally to help customers in transforming their outcomes. The Outcome Economy is the 10,000-foot, macroeconomic view of where the Internet of Things is taking us. Bruce Sinclair clearly explains how we will get there, starting from the ground up: from value creation and monetization to IoT technology and business models to ecosystems to outcomes. I highly recommend this book. No matter what industry you’re in, it will help guide your strategy in this changing business climate.”

 Prith Banerjee – Chief Technology Officer and EVP, Schneider Electric

“I found Iot Inc. to be an excellent resource for all things IoT. Applicable to the tiniest of IoT, like wearables, all the way to the largest of IoT, like smart cities, this book will lead to better products and services for consumers and citizens alike. This is not billed as a technical book but it provides a solid foundation for every Internet of Things stakeholder – from coder to CTO.”

 Miguel A. Gamiño Jr. – CTO, New York City

“The Internet of Things is not new or novel, but the business models it enables can be transformational. Bruce brings a rare business-value perspective to this catalytic technology trend, discussing the intersection of strategy, operations, and technology. Along the way he provides simple, principle-based, deployment guidelines and best practices.”

 Ken Forster – Managing Director, Momenta Partners

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Bruce’s Second Book: The Private Equity Digital Operating Partner

How is IoT Inc different than The Private Equity Digital Operating Partner? IoT Inc is written for leadership and more generally covers the tech, business and strategy of digital transformation. The Private Equity Digital Operating Partner is written for private capital investors and considers digital transformation from an enterprise value creation and investment perspective. This book is the application of IoT Inc for private equity.

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