Episode 91

The thing about the GDPR, whether we like it or not, is that it’s forcing us to do the right things when it comes to sensitive data in IoT. While there’s certainly a burden to bear, following its regulations on subject’s rights is a guide book on the right way to handle consumer privacy. So use its introduction as a reason to catapult this part of your business forward.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript), where I speak with Chris Perram about the first steps to compliance and how to take them ...

Episode 90

The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is coming – whether we like it or not. Before you dismiss it as a European thing, take a second look, because on May 25, 2018, data privacy is going to change worldwide and forever. The EU is stepping up and leading the world in defining the future of data privacy.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript), where I speak with Rosie Burbidge about the GDPR, why it’s consequential and why it’s going to affect you ...

Episode 77

Lose five pounds of belly fat in five days! Sound too good to be true? Yeah, it probably is and because of that you would expect the FTC to be all over it. But instead of weight loss products, what about IoT products? What’s fair? What’s deceptive?
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) with Jared Ho about the FTC’s role in IoT and some guidelines to help your company navigate through the gray ...

Episode 75

What’s the legal definition of a product? Does it cover IoT and is IoT classified a product or a service? Given our laws were never designed for the types of products being sold today, it’s not surprising that there are different interpretations of our current laws and regulations when it comes to IoT.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) with Ron Quirk and Alex Schneider about the legal limbo we’re in and how the legal landscape is evolving to catch up with the times ...

Episode 44

If your company is collecting data, and every IoT company collects data, it needs a formal “Information Security Program”. We’ve talked risk assessment in the past, that is the process of assigning liability to each potential security breach, but that’s only part of the program.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) I speak with John Ansbach about the rest of the “Information Security Program”, impending regulation and privacy concerns ...

Episode 42

The business counterpart to IoT security is risk, loosely defined as probability times liability. The current narrative around liability is centered on privacy but it turns out that laws, regulations and cyber security in general are some of the other elements in the IoT liability matrix.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) I speak with Mark Radcliffe about the current IoT legal framework and the potential liabilities to address early on in the IoT product development cycle ...