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Internet of Things Consulting

Bruce doesn’t do IoT consulting perse. When approached properly, the Internet of Things is a technical means to an end: to create value. It is a tool to collect primary data to be interpreted by analytics and machine learning. But before any tech is considered, the value must be identified, driving the information needed and the data required to create that value. Then and only then is technology considered.

Most engagements start with a two-day strategy workshop. At the end of the workshop you will have a high-level business strategy and plan for incorporating IoT into your products, services or business. For some clients this will be the end of the engagement, for others it will be just the beginning.

Bruce’s thoughts on IoT play out in the public domain, so read his books and listen to his podcast to get a feeling for his approach. If it’s a good fit, please make contact for more details.

If you are with a PE firm

Bruce can help you with:

  • Portfolio ranking.
  • Company scoring.
  • Investment thesis support.
  • Digital review.
  • Growth planning.
  • Product validation.
  • Workstream execution.
  • Exit planning.

Bruce’s firm, Digital Operating Partners, focuses exclusively on increasing the value of private equity portfolio companies.

If you are with an enterprise

Bruce can help you:

  • Plan your IoT business strategy.
  • Plan your IoT product line or service offering.
  • Advance your smart product from ideation to concept to proof of concept to prototype to minimally viable product.
  • Review current IoT initiatives up for funding.
  • Develop your M&A strategy to fill technology gaps and accelerate growth.

Let’s Talk

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Over the years Bruce’s clients have varied but today most are Fortune 500 and private equity portfolio companies.