Episode 99

In my view, delivering outcomes is IoT’s killer app. It requires the IoT platform, its technical underpinning, and the IoT ecosystem, its business underpinning, to come together in just the right way.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript), where I share with you three lessons from the ICIP Strategy & Digital Transformation course. The first is an overview of outcomes, also one of the major drivers of every IoT strategy. Then a digital transformation lesson on marketing and finally, an important methodology that should always be employed when starting an IoT offering – Design-Sell-Build ...

Episode 47

Listen to this analysis episode (or read the transcript) with Bruce Sinclair where he analyses the latest IoT news from a business perspective. In this episode Bruce tees off from the Apple CareKit announcement to discuss why ecosystems are so important and how they differ from IoT platforms ...