IoT Cloud

Episode 22

How much IoT data should you keep? It’s not clear. The more data you keep, the more data transmission and storage costs you’ll incur. However thinning out your data store means throwing away potential future insights, potential answers to future questions and potential new information products to expand your business – all value generators unique to IoT products.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) with Steve Stover about balancing the costs and the technology approaches to maximize your Internet of Things data value ...

Episode 21

On the surface, building your own IoT cloud seems pretty straightforward, but brush away some of the fluff and you’ll find the non-trivial issues of data velocity, message processing, scalability, redundancy and robustness.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) with Dan Collins, its differences with the IT cloud and the issues to consider when building or buying ...

Episode 14

After going through each of the major consortia, we are heading back to tech, but not as deep a dive as usual. Having left the edge behind, we are now moving on to the network fabric that holds everything together.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) with Bryan Kester of SeeControl, Steve Jennis of PrismTech, Justin Buchanan of Cisco and Brandon Harris of Electric Imp as we talk about some of the most important issues surrounding IoT Platforms today ...

Although these are still early days in IoT deployments, the benefits of fog computing are already coming into focus. As deployment scale goes up, so too does the amount of data captured and the volume can quickly become overwhelming. Depending on the scale, running security, local analytics and data optimization closer to the sensors can be beneficial.
Watch this video (or read the transcript) to get an overview on fog computing ... has been talking “connected devices” for years and if Reid has anything to do with it, customers using Salesforce will plug in their devices just as they plug in any other data about their company.
Watch this video (or read the transcript) to see Reid Carlberg explain how there is no limit in creating customer value ...