Episode 60

What’s the IQ of your city? There are a few ways to raise it to become a smart city. The bottom-up approach starts with a few IoT pilots to see what sticks and what the operational implications are. The top-down approach looks at the city as a platform providing interconnectivity.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) where I speak with Miguel Gamino, San Francisco’s CIO, about his approach to make his city the smartest of them all ...

Episode 59

The smart home or connected home makes life good. Comfortable. Reminiscent of the Jetson’s in many ways. But business models aside, today’s big question, at least for me, is if it really is a DIY (do it yourself) market as it’s currently being betrayed.
Listen to this analysis episode (or read the transcript) with Bruce Sinclair where he discusses how going beyond home automation makes life good, and the DIY/SI question ...

Episode 57

Driverless cars, or autonomous vehicles, are the ultimate consumer IoT product. They represent the state of the art in sensors, apps and analytics but they share the same DNA as say, a smart lock. Whatever’s under the hood, driverless cars will save lives, save time and save fuel.
Listen to this analysis episode with Bruce Sinclair where he discusses why driverless cars are coming so fast and the IoT technology under the hood ...

Traditional System Integrators (SIs) are setting their sights on integrating the systems of the Internet of Things. And why not; due to networking inoperability and the immature state of IoT platforms and their corresponding ecosystems, for the foreseeable future most enterprises deploying IoT are going to need a helping hand.
Watch this video (or read the transcript) video to see Jayraj Nair discuss the ins and outs of working with a System Integrator (SI) on your Internet of Things project ...

Episode 56

Black hat, white hat… gray hat? What does it all mean? In this context, the different colored hats refer to the different approaches to testing the cyber security of your IT, or in our case, IoT infrastructure.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) where I speak with Paul Jauregui about pen testing and other things you need to know about when working with an external security assessment firm ...

Episode 55

Smart products are roughly 10x the cost of dumb or regular products and that’s a problem. It’s for good reason though, to make these products smart requires a lot of tech and infrastructure that needs to be paid for somehow. This will only be solved by new business models and not the types of business models we’re used to in enterprise IoT.
Listen to this analysis episode with Bruce Sinclair where he discusses the issues of pricing smart products and new business models that can help ...