Podcast Guide to the last 60 Episodes Part 2

Podcast Guide to the last 60 Episodes Part 2

Episode 101

So, what have we learned so far? In this 100th and 101st episode of the IoT Business Show, I look back and give you my unfiltered take on the last 60 episodes. I’ll cover, what I learned, how it fits into the big picture and who would benefit from listening to the episode again or for the first time. Think of it as a cliff note or a reader’s digest summary of the last 60 hours of interview goodness in under two hours. The signal to noise ratio is high so take a listen, it’ll be worth your time.

In this 100th and 101st episode of the IoT Business Show I look back and give you my unfiltered take on the last 60 episodes.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Episode

  1. Triple Threat: The Amazon Way on IoT with John Rossman, Managing Director at Alvarez and Marsal
  2. The IoT Overlords and their Thirst for your Data with Johannes Ernst, Indie Computing
  3. Prognostic Analytics vs Predictive Analytics in IoT with Moritz von Plate, CEO, Cassantec
  4. Your IoT Journey – Taking the Right Steps with Maciej Kranz, VP of Strategic Innovation Group, Cisco
  5. Legal Limbo – Doing IoT Business in the Gray with Ron Quirk and Alex Schneider, Marashlian & Donahue
  6. Untangling Security and Privacy in IoT with Bruce Sinclair, President, Iot-Inc
  7. The FTC and IoT Defending Against Zealous Tech with Jared Ho, FTC
  8. IoT Investing – Where’s the Value Being Generated? with Upal Basu & Jesse DeMesa, Nokia Growth Partners & Momenta Partners
  9. IoT Analytics Best Practices in Process Manufacturing with Peter Zornio, Chief Strategic Officer, Emerson Automation Solutions
  10. Dirty Data – Preventing the Pollution of Your IoT Data Lake with James Branigan, Co-Founder, Bright Wolf
  11. iRobot & IoT – Taking the Roomba to the Next Level with Chris Jones, VP of Technology, iRobot Corporation
  1. Bruce Sinclair’s Opening Keynote at Insurance Nexus 2017
  2. IoT Inc. Book – Introduction Chapter Read by Author with Bruce Sinclair, President, Iot-Inc
  3. Producing the Digital Twin for the Industrial Internet of Things with Dimitri Volkmann, GE Digital
  4. Modeling the Raw Data to Create IoT’s Digital Twin with Arnulf Hagen, Managing Director, Fedem Technology
  5. The Digital Twin and its Relationship to the AEP IoT Platform with Jason Schern and Jeff Miller, PTC
  6. Breaking Down and Building Up IoT’s Digital Twin with Jim Tung, MathWorks
  7. The Emergence of the IoT Cognitive Digital Twin with Dr. Ahmed El Adl, Chief Technologist of the Accenture Global Artificial Intelligence Council
  8. The Profound Impact of IoT Digital Twins in Supply Networks with Dr. Lane Warshaw and Aaron Parrott, Deloitte
  9. The GDPR – Defining the Future of IoT Data Privacy with Rosie Burbidge, Fox Williams
  10. The GDPR is Coming Fast – What Should You Do First? with Chris Perram, Founder and CEO, FileFacets
  11. Blockchain in IoT and the Advent of Truthful Data with Jessica Groopman, Industry Analyst and Founder, Kaleido Insights
  12. The Trusted IoT Alliance – Standardizing Blockchain for IoT with Zaki Manian, Executive Director, The Trusted IoT Alliance
  13. Trust & Disintermediation – Improving IoT With Blockchain with David Snyder, President, 42TEK
  14. Is Blockchain Ready to Transact IoT Business? with Rhian Lewis,
  15. More Scalable Blockchain Alternatives to Transact IoT Business with Ashish Mehta, Chairman, Cloud Security Alliance

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