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Episode 64

It’s no secret that the IIoT is enabling manufacturing to go through its next revolution. Some call it Industrie 4.0, but it goes further than the shop floor. The Industrial Internet (of Things) is virtualizing the entire manufacturing industry from supply chain to factory to distribution and along the way is having a profound effect on the workforce and the equipment used.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) where I speak with Tanja Rueckert about the hot topics of connected manufacturing and asset intelligence ...

All incremental value from an IoT product comes from its virtualized representation, what I call the software-define product (SDP). Broaden this concept and you have software-defined manufacturing (SDM) which is the superset of all SDPs it produces. Abstracted, a factory is just a highly complex product so incorporating and advancing it with the Internet of Things is the future.
Watch this video (or read the transcript) to hear Helmuth Ludwig describe how he sees the future of manufacturing ...