Cyber-merging IoT Design and Manufacturing

Cyber-merging IoT Design and Manufacturing

Episode 27

All incremental value from an IoT product comes from its virtualized representation, what I call the software-defined product (SDP). Broaden this concept and you have software-defined manufacturing (SDM) which is the superset of all SDPs it produces. Abstracted, a factory is just a highly complex product so incorporating and advancing it with the Internet of Things is the future.

Call it whatever you like, IoT, the industrial Internet or Industry 4.0, the benefits are the same. According to Helmuth the biggest opportunity in IoT manufacturing lies beyond how we design and produce the IoT product to how we can test it too – think more simulations. The biggest threat in IoT manufacturing is to ignore it, turning your back on bringing your product to market faster with more efficiency and having the flexibility to react when the market shifts.

Watch this video to hear Helmuth Ludwig describe how he sees the future of manufacturing.


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