IoT and the Olympics – How Wearables are a Game Changer

IoT and the Olympics – How Wearables are a Game Changer

Episode 52

Analyzing athlete data has been performed in high-level sports for years but it’s only recently that wearables and IoT could be realistically used to deliver useful information to athletes and coaches alike. The game changer is capturing athlete data in vitro, or in other words, being able to capture athlete data in the field of play and then combining that data with data from the field of play (environment.) Combing sophisticated data collection with equally sophisticated analytics and AI yields valuable information that in this case is used by the US Olympic committee to train athletes to break new records.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Video:

  • The top technology in high-level sports today.
  • How IoT has taken Olympic training to the next level.
  • The different ways artificial intelligence is being used on sports data.
  • The change in technology mindset the U.S. Olympic Committee recently made.
  • The digital twin of athletics.

Watch this video to see Mounir Zok discuss how today’s wearables combined with state of the art Internet of Things technologies are advancing sport.


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