Episode 86

The IoT platform is generally thought of as networking tech – middleware to connect all the IoT components together – and often it is, but a certain class of platforms, the so-called, application enablement platforms, or AEPs, also provide the development and execution environment for the digital twin.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript), the third in a series on the digital twin, where I speak with Jason Schern and Jeff Miller about the dt and its relationship to the AEP ...

The key to value creation in the Internet of Things is the model. The model is used by both the app and analytics. It quantifies the value proposition, so the better the model, the higher the value. Developing these models in traditional markets is time consuming enough but given the volume, velocity and variety of IoT data, the load on the IoT data scientist can be overwhelming. Enter machine learning or ML for short. Machine learning can augment the skills of the data scientist by helping to select the algorithms or weighted ensemble of algorithms that provide the underlying structure for the model.
Watch this video (or read the transcript) video to see Rob Patterson discuss how machine learning is being used to help create and maintain Internet of Things models ...