The ICIP Audio program consists of the same material as the ICIP program without the visuals and testing and it does not include certification.  Like podcasts, it has been developed for those who want to learn on the go.

It’s possible to simply listen to the regular ICIP program but it is not a hands-free operation.  The way the learning management system is written requires the student to press multiple buttons after each lesson, which are on average, 3-4 minutes in length, to advance to the next lesson.  The ICIP Audio program simplifies the listening process by segmenting the entire ICIP program into 9 segments.

For students who like to consume and re-consume the content in different ways, the ICIP Audio program can be bundled with the ICIP program for $199.00.


Consists of 9 audio modules:

  • ICIP Audio 1: ICIP Technology course modules 1 – 3  (42m)
  • ICIP Audio 2: ICIP Technology course modules 4 – 6 (53m)
  • ICIP Audio 3: ICIP Technology course modules 7 – 9 (1h 7m)
  • ICIP Audio 4: ICIP Business course modules 1 – 6 (1h 1m)
  • ICIP Audio 5: ICIP Business course modules 7 – 10 (35m)
  • ICIP Audio 6: ICIP Business course modules 11 – 16 (50m)
  • ICIP Audio 7: ICIP Strategy & DT course modules 1 – 3 (52m)
  • ICIP Audio 8: ICIP Strategy & DT course modules 4 – 6 (46m)
  • ICIP Audio 9: ICIP Strategy & DT course modules 7 – 9 (45m)

For a total of 7 hours and 31 minutes of listening enjoyment.  Note that the ICIP Audio program is consumed with the same Learning Management System as used for the regular ICIP program.