Making Money from IoT

Making Money from IoT

Thursday, March 3, 2016

In our seventeenth Meetup we have John C. Mein, Vice President of Sales, Business Development and Fundraising at Petzila presenting “Making Money from IoT. After All, Isn’t that Why We Are Doing This?”. Come meet other business leaders in the IoT ecosystem and discuss the business issues you face in the Internet of Things.

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6:00: Doors open. Eat, drink and meet fellow members
6:30: Opening remarks and room introductions
6:45: Presentation 
7:15: Questions and answers
7:30: Networking
8:00: Doors close

Presentation Abstract

IoT has blasted onto the scene in Silicon Valley only in the last few years and we are still in the beginning stages. Why? Why now? And, most important of all, how can you and your company make money from IoT? That is why we are in this, is it not? Do you make money from hardware, software, collecting data, or from advertising? What is the best business model for your product? Petzila was formed in 2013, we shipped our first product in late 2014, and we are in full production now with Model 1.0. Where do you go from here? Do you lower your price? Do you come out with lower cost versions and higher cost versions? What about peripheral products? Attend this fun-filled and educational talk to learn more and how you might apply what we have learned to your company.

John’s Bio

John has been based in Silicon Valley for 25+ years. John’s background in design, field applications, recruiting, and sales makes him a valuable member of the Petzila team.

John started his career as a design engineer at Ball Areospace in Boulder, CO designing power systems and test equipment for satellites. He then moved into field applications with Texas Instruments and Integrated Device Technology as well as a number of startup ventures in the chip and optical world. For the last 18 years he has served as VP of Sales at a variety of chip and communication companies located in Silicon Valley, Israel, and Canada. More recently, John has been busy recruiting and teaching Miller Heiman sales methodologies.

John earned his BSEE from Kansas State University, an MSEE from Stanford University, and did Ph.D. EE work at Colorado State University and University of Colorado.

When not at work, John enjoys gourmet cooking, gardening and collecting heteronyms.