Location-based IoT Services in the Retail Shopping Environment

Location-based IoT Services in the Retail Shopping Environment

Episode 50

Using the Internet of Things in retail virtualizes the shopping environment so it can be analysed to increase the store’s efficiency in converting foot traffic into sales.

If you think about it, the use of indoor positioning, geo fencing and proximity marketing are making physical shopping sites more like ecommerce websites when it comes to optimization for conversions. The layout of the site, the journey of the mouse, the look of the buttons and the quality of the checkout experience, all have their physical counterparts in the bricks and mortar store. When applying state of the art IoT in retail, the key is virtualizing the physical space so you can apply analytics and usability models to optimize conversion.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Video:

  • Beacons and geofencing for proximity marketing.
  • The role of analytics in retail IoT.
  • Strategies to get the consumer to download the mobile app.
  • What else in addition to ROI is used to measure retail IoT effectiveness?
  • Traffic shaping in the real world.

Watch this video to see Benoit Cousin discuss how IoT is improving the physical shopping experience and the store’s relationship with its customer.


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