Future-Proofing Your IoT Business Model

Future-Proofing Your IoT Business Model

Thursday, March 5, 2015

In our seventh Meetup we have Todd Greene, Founder & CEO of PubNub presenting “Future-Proofing your IoT Business Model.” Come meet other business leaders in the IoT ecosystem and discuss the business issues you face in the Internet of Things.

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6:00: Doors open. Eat, drink and meet fellow members. 
6:30: Opening remarks and room introductions. 
6:45: Presentation 
7:15: Questions, answers and discussions 
8:00: Doors close

Presentation Abstract

No doubt Internet of Things brings promising opportunity in 2015. But driving business forward in an evolving IoT landscape requires a new way of thinking about your business model. PubNub Founder & CEO, Todd Greene will draw on real use cases to outline key processes, technologies, and standards that businesses should consider in order to help drive sustainable business growth, optimize work productivity and enhance customer experiences.

Todd’s Bio

As an entrepreneur who has founded and successfully sold companies across the software spectrum, Todd helps shape the PubNub vision of revolutionizing the way people interact online. Todd most recently was CEO of Loyalize, an Audience Participation company successfully sold to Function(x) (FNCX), a Robert F.X. Sillerman company, where he designed the first-ever massively multi-user Social TV mobile and web applications licensed to companies like Viacom and Yahoo.