Try Before you Buy your IoT Platform

Try Before you Buy your IoT Platform

Episode 9

An IoT platform is networking tech that collects and transmits data from and to remote devices and machines. It is often cloud-based and usually includes a rules engine for event processing and analytics apps to extract meaning and insights from what’s been collected.

When deploying IoT for the first time you will inevitably come up against the build or buy decision, or more accurately, the build or buy or lease decision. According to Bryan, in 90% of the cases the solution will need to change two or three times within a 12-month period. So flexibility is important. Unless you’re 100% confident that you have completely thought through your solution, consider leasing your platform first. Try it with some customers and only after you’re confident about its functionality should you consider building or buying. Or if the, platform as a service business model works for you, keep the lease alive.

Watch this video to get Bryan Kester’s advice, earned from working in the trenches every day with customers deploying their Internet of Things.


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What’s it take to get your IoT deployment “right” the first time? Is that even possible?