Predictive Tag

Episode 109

Convoluted Neural Networks or CNNs are a type of AI typically used in computer vision to process images, but they are also applicable to process the time series data we typically get from sensors in IoT.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript), where I speak with Simon Crosby about how these CNNs can be used to make predictions about the future and reduce the massive amounts of data we collect to just the important stuff....

Episode 24

In the Internet of Things there are generally three classes of analytics performed: real-time analytics done of the fly alerting you to anomalies; predictive analytics performed as a post process yielding a prediction and confidence level and descriptive analytics that reports on past, present or future data with visualizations that often result in the biggest insights.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) with Shepherd Shi, as well as the steps that are taken before and after ...