Trending Cows and Selecting Embedded IoT Chipsets

Trending Cows and Selecting Embedded IoT Chipsets

Episode 29

MCU architectures come in so many flavors that there will be a peripheral set to match any sensor you choose. Real decision making at the embedded chipset level is driven by the application. You choose hardware based on its capability to support software. The characteristics of your chipset’s memory, computing power and comms will come from answering a 101 questions, all answered by your IoT application’s requirements.

So before you get into selection, have your requirements flushed out enough to answer:

  • Do you later want to do over-the-air (OTA) updates?
  • What security measures will you take?
  • Is it a standalone device or will it communication in a network?
  • What protocol standards do you need to support?
  • Which radio will you use?
  • Will you tie yourself into an ecosystem?
  • What are your power requirements?

OK, not a 101 questions but these 7 are a good place to start.

Watch this video to get expert advice from James Stansberry, his best practices and today’s trends in IoT embedded chipsets.


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What other questions do you need to answer when choosing your IoT embedded chipset?