Bright Eyes – There’s an IoT Fog along the Horizon

Bright Eyes – There’s an IoT Fog along the Horizon

Episode 50

As the technology of IoT evolves the concept of a distributed computing environment is becoming increasingly relevant. A key component of this architecture is fog computing, blending the cloud to the edge. Being able to access computing, networking and storage resources locally makes sense for many classes of IoT deployments. In this episode of the IoT Business Show I speak with the bigwigs of the newly formed, OpenFog Consortium.

In this episode of the IoT Business Show, I speak with the bigwigs of the newly formed, OpenFog Consortium.

Helder Antunes is chairman of the OpenFog Consortium, Jeff Fedders, is its President and Lynne Canavan is its Executive Director.

Although the OpenFog Consortium’s vision is wider and deeper, fog is generally defined as the network and computing fabric that includes sensors, the Operational Technology (OT) network and the Information Technology (IT) network. There are many use cases that need to be on prem (on premise), a little closer to the ground, instead of up in the cloud. The OpenFog Consortium is creating a reference architecture for fog computing that it hopes will enable more interoperability within IoT.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Episode

  • The very horizontal strategy the OpenFog Consortium is taking where IoT is but one vertical.
  • The concept of fog as a service.
  • The tiered membership fees.
  • Their strategy of influencing standards rather than defining standards.
  • Breakdown of OpenFog member company types.
  • The OpenFog Consortium’s intellectual property approach.
  • The answer to your boss’ question, “Why should we join the OpenFog Consortium?”

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