Standardization in the Internet of Things – Directly from the Source

Standardization in the Internet of Things – Directly from the Source

Episode 15

There are three layers of standardization in IoT networking:

  • First, to get the data off the devices, a wireless (and sometimes a wired) interface is required – this is the media layer
  • Then, to aggregate the data from all these devices, networking is required – this is the networking layer
  • And finally, once the devices can talk to each other, the question is what they talk to each other – this is the application layer

The radios of the media layer have been standardized, so much so that chips are available today. Almost all popular radios have adaptation layers to allow them to run over IPv6, e.g., 6LoWPAN to run 802.15.4 over IPv6 and similar adaptation layers for Bluetooth, Zwave and others. Much of Internet runs on HTTP but it is too verbose for most wireless IoT applications. CoAP, developed by the CORE working group, is a clean sheet protocol that does much of what HTTP does, but in a more efficient way.

Watch this video to hear Carsten Bormann go through the state of the art in IoT networking protocol standardization.


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What other networking protocols in IoT are still in the process of being standardized?