The Four Cornerstones of Internet of Things Security

The Four Cornerstones of Internet of Things Security

Episode 34

Because of where we are in the evolution of Internet of Things systems it’s not possible to simply bolt on a firewall or Intrusion Detection System. Unlike in IT, in IoT, security must be considered from the beginning as part of the product/system design. But it doesn’t mean we can’t apply some of the same techniques used by our IT brethren. Take for example network traffic analysis. It’s a hot IoT security trend that I’ve written about before but now it’s not just start-ups that are getting into the act – large companies like Symantec are planning to bring all their experience in security analytics to bear on the foes of IoT.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Video:

  • Securing communication between devices.
  • End node protection.
  • Ongoing sensor management.
  • Security analytics.
  • Intrinsic security.

Watch this video to see Brian Witten discuss his thoughts on intrinsic security, security analytics and his four cornerstones of Internet of Things security.


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