Finding Nourishment in the IoT Food Chain

Finding Nourishment in the IoT Food Chain

Episode 37

Is it in the billons or trillions? I can’t remember how many sensors there are supposed to be in 10 or is it 20 years. We get so many different predictions of the number of things in IoT it’s mind-numbing. Mind-numbing in that it’s hard to comprehend the size of the numbers being tossed around and mind-numbing because in trying to outdo each other, pundits count things differently.

Given these big numbers you may think embedded systems is the biggest market in IoT. Well, it’s not. Sensors exist merely to collect data to be processed by software (models, apps, analytics) into something of value; therefore, it stands to reason that software is bigger – by an order of magnitude.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Video:

  • The definition of Gartner’s IoT food chain.
  • Size of the IoT semiconductor market in 2020.
  • The value of traversing the food chain horizontally and vertically.

Watch this video to see Dean Freeman go up and down and across the IoT food chain sizing the food chain along the way.


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