On Developing Wearables and Corporate Core Competencies

On Developing Wearables and Corporate Core Competencies

Episode 35

There’s a lot to developing wearables that doesn’t meet the eye. To build a wearable and the business that supports it you must recreate its creator. As with any IoT product, the skill sets needed, namely software development and data science, are more often than not, not part of the organization’s gene pool or culture. To become an IoT company each company must go through a deep tech metamorphosis to get there.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Video:

  • How to leverage your core assets to create new opportunities within the wearable market.
  • How IoT products help make informed and unbiased decisions – overriding the HiPPO in the room.
  • The importance of doing gap analysis.
  • The questions to ask when considering moving into wearables (or IoT).

Watch this video to see Scott Amyx’s perspective and approach on galvanizing the corporate changes needed to build a wearables business.


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What are the biggest challenges in wearables – are they technical or business related?