Defining & Categorizing the IoT Platform

Defining & Categorizing the IoT Platform

Episode 31

Getting your arms around the IoT platform is still a challenge, mostly because the definition is still evolving.  However if you squint your eyes a platform is either used for managing devices, managing backhaul communications or developing applications.  And it lives in the cloud or on-prem or in both places at the same time.  Using scope and topology is the first step in narrowing down the field while shopping for your platform.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Video:

  • Difference between M2M and IoT.
  • Differences between application enablement, device management and communication IoT platforms.
  • Semantic modeling.
  • Time to value.
  • Build, buy or borrow?
  • Cloud or on-prem or both?

Watch this video to see Ken Forster expertly classify IoT platforms in terms of scope and topology and describe what he considers most important when making a buying decision.


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What’s most important when shopping for an IoT platform?