Consumer IoT – Crowdfunding to Eating the Dog Food

Consumer IoT – Crowdfunding to Eating the Dog Food

Episode 43

Asolid route to take when developing a consumer Internet of Things product is concept -> ideation -> proof of concept -> prototype -> video -> crowdfunding -> MVP -> beta with early investors -> product. Harvesting your vested customers to become true fans is an incredibly powerful way to take a product to market and doesn’t necessary sidestep traditional funding sources. One of the reasons I like it most however is because it follows my launch philosophy of Design -> Sell -> Build – especially important in IoT.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Video:

  • How Petzila started the new consumer electronics show category: Pet Tech.
  • How Petzila outsourced almost all of their development and still maintained their intellectual property.
  • Time line for their pre-production phase of product development.
  • How Petzila used IoT tech to keep in touch with, pulse and rally their early customers/investors.
  • How Petzila secured distribution beyond Amazon (which they can’t say enough good things about).

Watch this video to see John Mein discuss the details of how to start with crowdfunding to launch a successful consumer IoT product and company.


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