The Challenge of Extracting Signal from Noise in IoT

The Challenge of Extracting Signal from Noise in IoT

Episode 42

In the data science of IoT there’s no one size fits all data model.  Each situation needs to be analysed separately by your data scientist.  Then the output too, needs to be custom tailored to your customer – internal or external.  This output, often in the form of a dashboard, is critical in aiding the identification of value with your data.  Therefore, iterate on its design as often as you do on the design of the IoT product.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in this Video:

  • Thinking laterally about desired skills when recruiting a data scientist.
  • Developing a proof of concept for the customer interacting with the system’s data.
  • What Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize winner in Physics, had to say about data science.
  • Staying flexible to enable scale.
  • Christian’s mantra of, use as less technology as possible.

Watch this video to see Christian Mastrodonato discuss standing up an Internet of Things Pilot from a Data Scientist’s perspective.


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How do you ensure your dashboard is right for your customer?