Buying Decision Criteria when Developing IoT Sensors

Buying Decision Criteria when Developing IoT Sensors

Episode 1

Marvell provides the underlying RF technology chips for IoT connectivity such as WiFi to Bluetooth to Zigbee to LTE and 3G.  Watch this video to learn about buying decision criteria that should be considered when building your own sensors or buying or partnering with a sensor or embedded/component manufacturer.

Here are my notes from my interview with Philip:

  • All sensors need a microcontroller, communication (RF or wired), power management and memory but you should also consider the form factor.  The more that is embedded, the fewer discreets that will be needed.
  • When making a buying decision for your sensor platform, embedded or discreet, consider: power consumption/management, level of integration and performance.
  • Other important aspects to the buying decision:
    • Development environments — important because there are a very diverse range of developers with different needs.  Look for a robust open development framework to handle all ideas.  Marvell has two, one for the maker community (for quick prototyping) and another for manufacturing.
    • Security — must be built from the ground up.  Security from the embedded level should use banking grade encryption at the core so they can’t be (easily) hacked.
    • Open standards –- needed from embedded to cloud.  So community can leverage what has already been done
  • The business model needs to look at costs from every angle: embedded (hardware cost), application (cost of development), connectivity (cloud or ?) and ongoing management of device.


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