Reaching Abundance with 45 Trillion Sensors

Reaching Abundance with 45 Trillion Sensors

Episode 18

Janusz is a man on a mission. A mission to cure world hunger and eliminate the lack of global medical care, clean air, clean water and clean energy within 20 years. That’s all. He’s doing his part with his Trillion Sensors Initiative to realize one of the eight technologies required to bring about “abundance” as defined by visionary Peter Diamandis.

Step by step, his TSensor Summit is methodologically working to enable the 45 trillion sensors Diamantis says are necessary to realize abundance – producing goods and services in an amount that outstrips world demand. That’s a thousand times the number of sensors that were created in 2014 — within 20 years — not unreasonable given we increased the number of sensors a thousand-fold since the iPhone1 was released in 2007.

Watch this video to understand what abundance is and the role the Internet of Things plays in it.


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Can sensors save the world? Is the Trillion Sensor Initiative feasible?