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After exclusively publishing only Iot-Inc original content since our launch, we are now opening up our website to publish the work of others. If you’re an expert in the Internet of Things and you want to reach your potential customers and partners, Iot-Inc may be a great fit for you.

If you want to reach, and possibly influence the decision makers in IoT, check out our FAQ below to see if Iot-Inc is the right publishing platform for you. If you qualify, email us with your personal details and article idea to get started.

This is a free service.

Note: Contributor articles are to establish thought leadership, not to highlight your company or its products. Articles must teach, not sell. If you would like to write about your company and its products and services, our content marketing services may be right for you.

Iot-Inc is unique in at least three ways:

  • Our audience is 85% management – consisting of business management (62%) and technical management (23%) deploying the Internet of Things.
  • We only publish content from working experts in our field – those who make their living in the Internet of Things. This means no professional writers or pundits.
  • Our focus is and always has been the Internet of Things. We didn’t spin off from a larger site or rebrand our M2M website to IoT.  In other words, our audience didn’t start from somewhere else – it’s all organic and all here for IoT.

To maintain the high quality standard established by Iot-Inc, each article is reviewed, potentially edited and approved by publisher, Bruce Sinclair

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Pitch an Article Idea/Make a Proposal?

Use our article proposal form to outline your experience and the article idea. If you’re qualified and the article meets our guidelines, you will be sent instructions on how to submit your article and supporting information.

How do I know if I’m Qualified to Write for Iot-Inc?

You are qualified if you have unique knowledge, a point of view or an insight to share about IoT, and if you are working or have worked in the industry. Your article must be original and written by you. We have had over a hundred Expert Guests published – take a look – these are the types of experts we are looking for.

What Types of Topics can I Write About?

Write your article for managers and executives investigating how to leverage the Internet of Things in their companies or products. Topics are business- or technology-focused and generally fall into one or more of these categories:


  • Business Model
  • Business Plan
  • Ecosystems
  • Legal
  • Pre-production
  • Risk Management
  • Value Creation


  • Analytics & AI
  • Data
  • Digital Twin
  • Embedded & Modules
  • IoT Cloud
  • IoT Platform
  • Network Equipment
  • Security
  • Sensors & Actuators

These topic points match two of the ways we classify our content.

If your article is technical, write it for managers, not for engineers. The article can be deep but it should always have a business angle. Look at existing article, podcast and video posts for guidance. Your article, of course, must be original.

How long should my Article Be?

It should be as long as necessary with a 400-word minimum length.

Will you Edit my Article?

We reserve the right to make small edits for spelling, grammar and readability. If a lot of editing is required, we will ask for a revision and can suggest a third-party editor to help you. Fact checking is your responsibility, and the following statement will appear at the bottom of all articles: “All Iot-Inc Expert Contributors are responsible for the accuracy of their articles. Opinions are those of the writers and not necessarily those of Iot-Inc.”

How Sales-Focused Can I Be?

Do not be commercial in your article – you must be perceived as unbiased to establish yourself and your organization as thought leaders. Think of yourself as teaching, not selling. If you deliver value, people will visit your website to get commercial details. If you want to market and sell, check out our Content Marketing Program.

Can I see some examples?

What is the Publishing Process?

Once your article has been submitted to Iot-Inc, it will be reviewed and either accepted or you will be sent a revision request. After acceptance, you will be notified when your article is published and at that time you will be sent graphics that you can use for social media and your website. We will publish your article with graphics, integrate it into our content management system and feature it on our homepage. Once published, we will market it to our audience and visitors. If it is your first published article with us, we will also publish your Expert Profile Page (see below).

What is an Expert Profile Page?

We create an Expert Profile Page for every Iot-Inc Expert Contributor. It will display your photo, bio and links, and will list all your articles on Iot-Inc. We link to it from your articles and from the Expert Contributor Directory (see below).  See this example.

What is the Expert Contributor Directory?

Coming soon.  It is a directory on Iot-Inc of all the experts who have contributed articles to the site. Visitors will see your photo, name, title and expertise. If they click through they will see your entire Expert Profile Page.

Will you Pay me for my Article?

We do not pay for articles but you will be rewarded in these ways:

  • Your article will be featured on our homepage and will receive maximum visibility.
  • Your article will be marketed to our audience through our weekly email and through our social channels.
  • You will reach the very exclusive and elusive demographic of IoT management.
  • You will be included in the Expert Contributor Directory along with other leading IoT thought leaders.
  • We will provide you with graphics that you can use for your social marketing and on your website to demonstrate social proof and thought leadership.

Do I need to Pay You to Publish my Article?

Publishing on Iot-Inc is free if you are teaching. In return, we only ask that you provide a link from your website to your article on Iot-Inc. If you want to market or sell, check out our Content Marketing Program.

Can I Include Links in my Article?

Links to external resources for teaching purposes – yes. Links for marketing purposes – no. We reserve the right to delete any links. A link to your company can be included in your Short Bio, which is automatically placed at the end of all your articles.

Can I include Photos or Video or Audio in my Article?

Yes, as long as you have the rights and you credit your external sources.

Who owns the Copyright to my Article?

You own the copyright to your article. However, since search engines penalize sites that have duplicate content, we ask that you don’t republish your article for a minimum of three months. And if you do republish it, ensure that it has been changed and packaged differently (can’t be a copy).

Can I submit an Article that I have Already Written?

We prefer that you don’t. However, if you want to re-purpose one of your existing articles, it should be at least three-months old and changed and packaged differently (we will check if it’s a copy) otherwise both sites with same content will be penalized by search engines.

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