Episode 73

It seems like predictive analytics gets all the attention these days but generally speaking, it requires either a Data Scientist or a machine learning algorithm operating on lots of event data, in order to predict the all-important dimension of time, at least to any degree of useful certainty. Enter prognostic analytics. In a closed system of uniform conditions, prognostic analytics can make better predictions about the “when”.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript) with Moritz von Plate about how the characteristics of this older-school stats make it very well suited for predictive maintenance in Industrial IoT

Yeah, data analytics can be complicated, but its application doesn’t need to be. Take discrete manufacturing for example. There’s lots of hype around more advanced analytic applications like predictive maintenance but that’s running before you even know how to walk. I know it doesn’t sound as sexy, but let’s start with operational efficiency.
Watch this video (or read this transcript) to see William Sobel discuss data analytics in manufacturing and why to start easy before tackling sexy predictive maintenance

Episode 87

The digital twin is a federation of data and models that can be analyzed or put into a simulation to create useful information about the past, present or future of the DTs physical twin. The type of model and the level of model can make or break the analysis or simulation.
Listen to this podcast (or read the transcript), where I get down and dirty with Jim Tung, breaking the digital twin down in order to understand this most important tech at both the atomic and system level

Cassantec is an independent provider of automated, high-end prognostic offerings for industrial asset management, malfunction risk analysis, remaining lifetime estimation, and optimal maintenance scheduling. Founded and incorporated in Switzerland in 2007, we are a privately owned company with strong ties to established players in the field of predictive maintenance (PdM), including condition monitoring technology owners and asset management software providers.   In a nutshell, Cassantec offers business assessment and consulting, evaluation, analysis of assets, design and development of computer software, websites and computer project management.

If implementing IoT within your organization it makes sense to target improving operational efficiency; it’s easier for the bean counters to sign off on than some esoteric new IoT business opportunity. This, as I’ve discussed before, is the thin edge of the IoT wedge for getting a pilot started. Next - what OPEX should you go after? Find a metric that everyone in the company or business unit or department, understands and lives by and then apply IoT there first. If people have a stake in it they will be more willing to change, readjust processes and help make the project successful. Rather than making it a top-down edict, power the IoT project from the bottom-up.
Watch this video (or read the transcript) to see Nauman Sheikh share his strategic and hands-on experience on the steps and best way to introduce IoT analytics in any organization